From a motorbus up to a hydroelectric power station, from microcontrollers up to industry PC networks:
efficient and system neutral automation with logi.cals engineering software and platforms.

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Effizientes Engineering

logi.CAD 3 - Engineering Toolkit

efficient, independent, flexible
Software Engineering goes Automation – the programming tool logi.CAD 3 according to standard IEC 61131-3 introduces procedures from the modern software development into the automation industry. Working with logi.CAD 3, methods of the modern software development will find increasing acceptance in the automation world for the first time ever. These methods are a current source code management systems but also quality assurance and review tools. The seamless integration in automated construction and test processes (Continuous Integration & Test) is also an essential feature of logi.CAD 3. The open and modular system enables OEM partners and system integrators to integrate logi.CAD 3 in their own tool landscape. logi.cals supports you in creating an overall solution optimally customized for your environment.
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logi.RTS - Runtime System

modular, scalable, powerful
We ensure you a great flexibility when using our control system as a solution for your re-quirements due to a simple, hardware-independent implementation. Modular integration of services and extensions in the system as well as a simple configuration are guaranteed. Interfaces for developing your own extensions are available. Use our scalable runtime system for controllers with or without an operating system: from microcontroller up to multicore industry PCs. The open and modular runtime system can easily be customized in your area of application. You can use e.g. logi.RTS as service in existing systems or as independent solution without operating system.
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