logi.cals GmbH, with locations in Austria and Germany, has been developing software tools and platforms for the industrial automation for the past thirty years. Central solutions are the IEC 61131-3 programming systems of the logi.CAD series and the highly portable runtime system logi.RTS which can be scaled from a microprocessor to a multi-core IPC. The documentation tool logi.DOC is used for a functional guidance system specification. More than 30,000 engineers in the world are using logi.cals software to automate complex plants, such as hydroelectric power plants and steel mills as well as buildings, ships, buses, machines and much more. logi.cals is designed to help users create, test, and maintain efficient, high-quality solutions.

We empower Automation!


The Method. Our Mission Statement

logi.cals increases your productivity – automatically & reliably, easily & independently.

logi.cals makes value-added software solutions. Clear in structure and logic, and with cross-platform modules, logi.cals solutions strive for optimal results. Together with its OEM partners, logi.cals develops products that can meet the highest quality and performance demands of end customers.


The Result. Our Vision

An enthusiastic user community makes logi.cals a leading company for automation software worldwide.

Trustworthy communication is an essential condition for successful co-operation. logi.cals OEM partners provide valuable customer-driven input and in return, get tailor-made market specific solutions. To give customers a competitive edge, logi.cals fully takes onboard their philosophies and strategies. Co-operative exchange of information and data guarantees continuous development and improvement.


The Formula. Our Values

Reliability x Competence x Innovation = logi.cals power

With logi.cals, organisation and methodology are the key corner stones. Under these conditions, ideas and technology are united to form a comprehensive whole. Reliability, competence and innovation underpin daily thoughts and action – in the field of research & development as well as in tangible projects and assignments.


Our Credo

logi.cals – Empower Automation!

Comprehensive know-how, years of experience and excellent logi.cals service deliver a high-performance control platform.