On 29 February 2016 the award ceremony for the idea and founder price of RIZ - Lower Austria took place for the 15th time.

Next to brilliant ideas of innovative start-ups and companies, creative teenagers have been awarded this year for the first time. With our product logi.CAD 3, we have been one of 204 nominated companies. We have won the 2nd price in the category brilliant research and development and have therefor been awarded for the second time, next to the innovation price for SMEs.

Certificate and cheque have been handed over from Mrs. Dr. Petra Bohuslav in the museum of St. Pölten to Wolfgang Zeller (Product Owner logi.CAD 3) and Matthias Jäger (leader of marketing). The price has been provided by the industrial union of lower austria.

With logi.CAD 3 we work on solutions under the motto "Empower Automation", which are used in the automation technology for various systems - from Microcontrollers to High-End Industry PCs.