An easy way from the business process to the production (and back)

Starting in ERP systems, decisions are driven top-down i.e. from management to production planning. Automation technology starts at the process and management level, connecting SCADA-systems via the control and the field level, using sensors and actors.

The flexibility required to access field data is rarely guaranteed in standard solutions. Simple analysis is often challenging.


logi.cals provides the required components to efficiently link AT and IT automation architectures in the context of Industry 4. It is therefore possible to directly transfer signal and process data from SPS to ERP systems as well as from embedded systems and even microcontrollers. For SAP there has been realized a standard interface by INFORMATICS, a SAP service provider in Linz. The communication between the PLC and SAP can therefore be easily and quickly set-up.

As a next, it is planned to develop augmented as-built documentation for a “virtual” plant based on real engineering data. On this basis, a plant description with relevant status and process data can be used for controlling and monitoring purposes.