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Realize the cause before a damage is caused. logi.CED is the editor for easy and clear development of cause-and-effect tables.

In modern plant engineering, switching operations are becoming more complex as PLC programs and security systems grow steadily. As a consequence, accidental switching errors can cause enormous damage and result in production downtimes. 

Advantages of logi.CED:

  • A smart and easy-to-use engineering tool for cause-and-effect tables
  • Minimizes construction workload
  • Eliminates error causes and informs the on-site operator quickly and comprehensively

The cause-and-effect table method is often used in plant engineering to show concisely when switching operations in a PLC system or in a security system are done.

With this method, process events are assigned to cause events and effect events. Subsequently, they are linked together. The links between causes and effects are called intersection points (actions), and they show which effect an existing cause will have. From this data a program logic can be developed, with the help of which events can be controlled or prohibited so that they cannot cause damages in the process.

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