… can run on your platform within 48-hours!

A PLC runtime system makes any industry-PC an automation system (also called: PLC or Programmable Logic Controller) by which you can cyclically automate and control technical operations, process sequences and similar procedures.

  • high portable, slim runtime system according to IEC 61131-3 +

    The PLC runtime system of logi.cals "logi.RTS" maps IEC 6-1131-3 compliant runtime behavior to any platform. The system, which is written competely in C, has high portability with modular and scalable design. Depending on project requirements, the running operating system and available resources, the runtime system can be applied with an 8 or 16-bit controller (µRTS) or better. It is also possible to use standard x86-compatible Industry-PCs as PLC. In this case logi.RTS works as Soft-PLC.
  • modularity and system services +

    Due to its modularity it is possible to specifically activate logi.CODE modules, such as online-test, reload and instant-reload, webSERVER support, and to make them available to the programming system and user. Generic interfaces are available for I/O-linking, system services and communication drivers as well as an interface for blocks coded in C and used in function plans. A comprehensive API-interface with an operation system abstraction layer allows the creation of portable modules to all supported µRTS- and RTS-platforms.

  • HTML5 compatible webserver +

    webSERVER enables the visualisation and change of the documentation and run-time data of the automation system in the webbrowser. Static and dynamic content is quoted with the webSERVER (e.g. HTML-data, HTML-data with scripts/run-time data, graphics, office-documents, XML files). In addidation it is possible to change run-time data in the webbrowser and therefore to rewrite changed data on logi.RTS.
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Your benefits

  • portability and target system borders
  • quickly ready for use
  • communication with higher systems



  • Multi-Tasking / Multi-Programming
  • Multiple communication connections (e.g. serial, TCP/IP)
  • full integration in logi.CAD and logi.CAD 3
  • text-based remote maintenance (telnet) is possible
  • recording / logging of real-time date possible
  • Trace-Services
  • support for online-test, download, reload, instant-reload and oscilloscope
  • user-authentication



Jürgen Huber
Jürgen Huber
+43 5 77147-41

Supported Platforms

  • Linux x86, x64
  • Windows x86, x64
  • Windows CE 5 / ARMV4I
  • AVR ATMega 328
  • ESP8266
  • More on request

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Windows CE 3.x, 4.x, 5.0, 6.x
  • Linux from Kernel 2.2
  • VxWorks 5.4, 5.5, 6.7, 6.9
  • Mac OS® X
  • More on request