We work together with external experts to develop add-ons, who support us with their know-how in order to find the best solution.

Custom PLC

logi.CAD 3 has the best of both worlds: easily programmable like a standard PLC, and as precise as a customized controller.

The custom PLC trend

About 90% of all automated tasks are carried out using standard PLCs. In Germany, 70% of these come from a single manufacturer.

  • Classic standard PLC solutions are expensive and inflexible.
  • Developing controllers and integrating them into existing systems is a complex task.

The trend is moving towards custom controllers tailored to the customer's needs, combined with a suitable software platform.

Joint cooperation: Custom PLC = your hardware + our software

Your customized hardware combined with our state-of-the-art development environment results in the best technical solution. Custom PLC from 8 bit microcontrollers up to multi-core industrial PCs.


Together with PROCON-WEB from GTI control and SpiderControl from ini.NET, we offer the visualisation solution most suited to each use case. Both solutions ensure consistent engineering from the development of the PLC to the creation of the visualisation.

PROCON-WEB is a web-based, platform-independent user interface based exclusively on HTML5 and JavaScript, which makes the visualisation suitable not only for PCs, but also for smartphones and tablets. The modular construction of the components enables user-specific scalability of the functionality.

SpiderControl makes it possible to program HTML5 visualisations directly on embedded controllers and PLCs. No additional hardware is necessary for creating visualisations. The microbrowser is available for viewing and can be ported onto small embedded systems.


logi.cals relies on the know-how from Hilscher for configuring I/Os.

Sycon.NET, based on FDT technology, is a manufacturer and protocol independent I/O configurator for factory and process automation. Paired with the software for configuration, parameterisation and diagnosis, Hilscher offers a comprehensive solution for I/O management.

Inputs and outputs can be imported automatically into logi.CAD 3 using variables and the I/O configuration software Sycon.NET can be started directly from logi.CAD 3.


logi.cals employs agile development methods for developing logi.CAD 3. Customer-specific add-ons are integrated into our development process using the CCIT environment. Integrated add-ons (e.g. I/O drivers) are developed by the OEM and the entire system (standard logi.CAD 3 + specific add-ons) is tested automatically. This reduces your integration effort and increases the quality of the total solution at the same time.


As a cloud solution provider, we rely on the know-how of T-Matrix. The IoT platform is based on a modular concept and offers a variety of add-on modules. Using the Layout Designer, the work environment for example can be designed according to your preferences with only a few clicks of the mouse.

The cloud connection from logi.RTS makes it possible to log data from the controllers and store it in a cloud application. This allows the data files to be accessed from anywhere and analyses about production can be started. In the logi.cals runtime system, the connection to the cloud is defined over a Python interface. Data can be aggregated directly on the PLC and the relevant data need only be sent to the cloud portal.

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