logi.RAIN is a decentralized watering system. Every plant installation has a module, which measures moisture, light intensity, temperature and the water volume in the storage tank. This information is sent via radio to the controller e.g. a raspberry pi. The controller manages all modules, writes collected data in a SQLite data base and provides mobile and stationary platforms with the data.

In this project a decanting machine, which is usually used by Sommeliers to handle quite heavy and valuable bottles of wine, was automated by adding sensors to monitor the pouring process, a stepper motor to move the machine and a Raspberry Pi as the central controlling unit.

An easy way from the business process to the production (and back)

Starting in ERP systems, decisions are driven top-down i.e. from management to production planning. Automation technology starts at the process and management level, connecting SCADA-systems via the control and the field level, using sensors and actors.

The flexibility required to access field data is rarely guaranteed in standard solutions. Simple analysis is often challenging.